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Super timesaver!

I used to take coffee plus a separate multivitamin plus water (for hydration) before a workout or a race. I'm pleased that Wheyl's pre-workout formula is a combination of these three in just one glass. Less prep time, more focus and energy. The Ocean Razz flavor is a bit intense but that's just me. I'll try the Iced Tea variant to find out what I prefer between the two. Overall, so far, so good!

JUST Naked White whey protein

Great and efficient delivery!

Great flavor

Loving the caramel latte isolate. I’ve been mixing it with my morning cold brew for a quick protein morning snack and it’s delicious!

PRISM Pro BlenderBottle®

PRIME Hazelnut Fudge whey isolate

Great Feeling After

Tried the drink for the first time! Tastes almost like a regular iced tea drink at a cafe. Slight bitter aftertaste, but feeling much more energized now after drinking it! Not to sweet which is something I prefer. Thank you again!

Best Fitness Purchase I've Made

Ordering the PRISM Pro BlenderBottle was a great idea! Also bought the Just whey in Salted Chocolate and it has been my go-to drink ever since. My sweet tooth always gets satisfied too, guilt-free!

Bang for your buck

The taste is great. Formula is very mixable. Price is good. I wish they would sell bigger preparations. Bitin ang 15 servings

I love it!

It's not too sweet, which is something I like. Will definitely order again

PRIME Isolate

Love the flavor. It doesn't taste bitter unlike other isolates I have tried. Been helping me recover my strength and body from a week of heavy performances from Ang Huling El Bimbo. Thank you so much!

So good!

Sarap! All I needed na lang are tapioca pearls!

WAKE Ocean Razz pre-workout

Very Nice

It's very sturdy and I love that it's dishwasher safe, or I think it is. I've loaded it in the dishwasher multiple times and it's still in one piece.

Tastes like home!

Salted chocolate tastes like the usual chocolate drink and i love it! Can’t wait to try the other flavors! My usual is nutty banana as well. Also, the staff let me add a the shaker even when I’ve checked out already! Super accommodating! The shaker is perfect!

And a wheyl we gooooo!!!!

1. budget friendly
2. ph made (support local)
3. the taste is on-point (atleast for me)
4. easy to dissolve
5. order delivered on-time
6. customer service: polite and responsive

JUST Salted Chocolate


PRIME Caramel Latte whey isolate

Wake Ocean Razz pre workout

it has nice flavor and youll get your boost when you use it

WAKEs me up!

I struggle with fatigue every morning because of my condition. Haven't tried any pre-workout before but Wheyl WAKE Ocean Razz pre-workout helps a lot. I love the energy, focus and the flavor. Will order the Island Iced Tea next time. Hoping Wheyl will add more flavors <3

Taste was great! Definitely ordering again

Now this is something

I like how this one only has 150mg caffeine, since I take maaaaybe a li'l more coffee than I am supposed to. This, plus Krea is really a great combo. I could feel that extra energy boost for my workouts. I'm excited to try the other flavor after this one.

Love the flavor, too, especially now that it's too hot/humid. It felt like I was actually drinking an iced tea, except it is not. 😅

Double Berry

I was kinda expecting some acidic aftertaste after the sweetness since it's double berry. First time I had it, I was actually surprised because I thought that it was too sweet for my liking. I just added a li'l bit more water, or add creatine with it, which kinda balanced the sweetness. The flavor is something slowly grew on me, I guess. I am still yet to try to add it in any berry smoothie. Thanks for the awesome flavor.

KREA creatine monohydrate

WAKE Ocean Razz pre-workout