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Whey isolate caramel latte

My new favourite flavour!

I always have a hard time reaching my protein goal for the day. Switching from black coffee to caramel latte is a game changer! And super low calorie protein shake compared to others. Love love love! Thank you for making such amazing flavours. 🫢

I found the brand for me <3

I’m enjoying this brand so far… the packaging, branding, pricing, product quality and customer service are all fantastic! I’ve been raving about this brand to my friends! Keep it up!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

JUST Mocha Java whey protein

The clip is stronk, the whale is chonk. Recommended!

Was impressed with how sturdy the clip is! Will recommend this β€” and this brand as a whole β€” to lifter/bodybuilder friends!

Greatest flavor that I had tried

JUST Salted Chocolate whey protein

The Best Whey You Can Buy

The title says it all! There are a lot of Whey products available in the Market now. All offer similar "features" in their whey: more protein, some creatine, additional vitamins, etc.

Wheyl Just Protein has a lot of protein to begin with (21g to 23g). You can add creatine to it if you so desire. You dont really need extra vitamins in youir whey. What sets Wheyl protein leagues apart from the competition is Taste! I havent had a protein supplement taste as good as Just Whey!

Most products out there come with a very artificial aftertaste, that doesnt sit well with my taste buds; that it turns me off to the product early on, and sadly I still have a tub to finish.

Wheyl Just Protein is an amazing whey supplement and just tastes amazing!

Most flavored whey I ever taste

Hopefully you make a 5 pounder whey isolate thank you

fast delivery

fast delivery

Wheyl Its very good!

Good experience and great products! Pre workout tastes very good


Fast Shipping/Delivery and laging updated from the shop. Ang nice and bait ng wheyl rider and staffs. 11/10 service and the product is napaka worth it for 1st timer.

Thank you Wheyl!!

JUST Mint Chip whey protein

JUST Double Berry whey protein

WAKE Ocean Razz pre-workout

Newbie Energy Bundle

Awesome products and service!

This is my 2nd order of Wheyl products and they never dissapoint. They also gave me free stickers!

So cute!!

Super easy to clean and really love the transparent variant!

Wheyl Krea

The product is great! love the creatine itself and it's freebies! thank you so much <33. more freebies to come i guess?? for my next purchase hahahaha! anw, thank's wheyl! as for the delivery, it was great. I'll definitely order again for the creatine and will soon purchase the "Wake"!!

One of the best deals on the site!

I usually get this bundle after my creatine runs out. Bang for the buck every time.


Flavor πŸ‘
Price πŸ‘


The whole experience ordering online and receiving the product was β€œdumb proof”.

Great Flavor

I’ve been using the pre-workout for a few days now and I am really impressed with the flavor. It’s not that overly sweet, which is great! This is gonna be my number 1 go-to pre-workout from now on!

First time user of pre-workout

I started with a half serving (half scoop) of Wake Ocean Razz mixed with 10 oz water. I felt that I had more focus and clarity when I worked out. I did not feel any itch or tingling. After 3 days I decided to try the full serving (one scoop). This time I felt slight to moderate tingling during the workout.