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Power Couple Bundle

JUST whey protein Fiver

Totally worth buying!!

First time using a preworkout and I feel more energetic when working out. Together with creatine I feel a little stronger everytime I lift. Definitely will buy again!!

Looooove it!!

Never thought a whey protein could taste so good! I'm really glad we tried Wheyl, and they offer a lot of flavors too! So far, we've tried their strawberry and salted chocolate flavors, and both taste amazing!! I also want to make a special mention of their exemplary customer service. You're the best, guys! Wheyl surely order again! <3<3

i lov wheyl

the only whey/supplement brand i will ever consider trying <3 wheyl forever


It goes well with either water or milk. This is a definite must buy if you like strawberry flavored drinks.


It goes well with either water or milk. This is a definite must buy if you like strawberry flavored drinks.

FLUX Tropical Citrus BCAAs

Very refreshing! I love that itโ€™s not too sweet and not too sour. Although there is a hint of a bitter taste. Kept me hydrated during a heat training โ˜€๏ธ Excited to try other flavors!

My package did not come with any free stickers but with free scoops for the pre workout, Whey and BCAAs.

Mocha Java and Ocean Razz

I am a first-time buyer. Same day delivery! Which is awesome! Tried them on the same day I received them, too! Mocha java tastes so gooood! Ocean Razz is also good! Got that itchy sensation after consuming Ocean Razz but subsided in 2-3mins. Kept me hyped up during my workout and run!
On top of the amazing products, the customer experience I received from Wheyl is over-wheyl-mingly satisfying! Kudos to the Wheyl team. Everything is seamless. Admin is very responsive and friendly! The rider who delivered my goodies is also very helpful and cool!!!
I am so excited to take my fitness journey to the next level and try all the rest of the flavors of this energy bundle ๐Ÿ˜

This shaker is the cutest! I love the color! Same day delivery!!!

Power Couple Bundle

Perfect for workouts!

The quality of the cap is great and breathable! I really like the strap that locks with a click

Amazing fit

Fabric is soft (I really love it!). The oversized fit is very comfortable (would probably buy a few more to use for workouts, errands, or even just for daily use!) I especially love the "Good Habits Club" design. Just perfect!

Great socks

Very comfortable (not just for workout but for daily as well), color ways matches with anything and everything!

Quick delivery. Great product.

JUST Banana Toffee whey protein

Melon Milk Whey Protein and Island Iced Tea Pre-Workout

Masarap naman lahat. Melon Milk takes me back to my childhood when Magnolia used to make flavored milk, so I ordered a Fiver.

JUST Salted Chocolate whey protein

Energy Buddies Bundle Purchase

The products were delivered in good condition. However, the delivery leadtime can be improved since it took around 5 days from the date of purchase unlike if ordered via Lazada or Shopee.

Delicious and super filling

Got my first Wheyl stash (Hazelnut and Dark choco flavors whey isolate) recently. I mix it
with oats or blend a banana with a scoop. Always look forward to my Wheyl breakfast and snack!

JUST Strawberry milk

Honestly, this is a great alternative to settle my cravings for strawberry shakes.

Newbie energy bundle

I am a new in trying whey protein and pre work out products. The wake ocean razz is a refreshing taste and works well for my runs. It gives me the extra boost in the morning. The nutty banana is not quite sweet as i expected but tastes great. Will definitely order again. I wish it comes with a free mixing tumbler.

Great Products

The pre workout is great and the UBE milk protein powder , the product should be available in all countries

Dream Team Bundle

JUST Strawberry Milk whey protein