What do we do with your data?

Welcome to William the Whale’s home! 🐋

Wheyl Nutrition Co. (“Wheyl Nutrition Co.”, “Wheyl”, “we”, or “us”) understands the importance of privacy, and we respect your privacy. We’ve always believed in transparency; nothing more, nothing less. And for your personal information, we’re extending the same level of transparency to you. In here, you’ll find the personal information we collect, why we collect them, as well as your choices and rights. 📄

Who are we? “We” and “us” includes everyone in the Wheyl team, including your community managers, logistics team, accounting team, and management team. “We” and “us” does not include any of our partners, friends, families, and Third-Party services.

Any and all updates to this Privacy Policy will be updated in this section of the Privacy Policy. If there are changes in ways we process your personal information, we’ll also notify you so you can exercise your rights – by doing so through announcements so you’re properly informed with any and all changes.  

Personal information we collect:

When you visit our site, the following information are collected: 

  • Information you provided to create an Account for a smooth check out experience, specifically your email address, first name and last name, mobile number, shipping address.
  • If you use PayPal’s Express Checkout, PayPal will only show us your registered name and address, as well as the total amount paid. Meanwhile, for all bank deposits and transfers, as well as payments made via online platforms like GCash and PayMaya, we only collect your total amount paid for our accounting team’s reference. 
  • Device information from your use of our site. This includes: IP addresses, preferences, device (categorized only as mobile, desktop, or tablet), where you came from (Facebook, Instagram, or whether you landed on our website on your own), and information about how you interact with the Services of our website (such as timestamps, clicks, scrolling, browsing times, searches, transactions, referral pages, load times, and problems you may encounter, such as loading errors).
  • Your emails are also stored! Your other messages such as customer inquiries through email or reviews (and photos attached) posted on our website are collected. Please be aware that information on public parts of our site is available to others. However, while your emails are stored, this doesn’t mean that you’ll receive marketing emails from us -- this won’t ever happen without your permission!  

How are these collected? 

There are only two ways these are collected: 

  1. All your personal information provided when you sign up for an account, or when you use our site to purchase our Goods. In short, these are information you readily give us to ensure we’re able to deliver your orders smoothly, and;
  2. When you land on and interact with our website. To ease your worries, specifically, where did you come from (Facebook, Instagram, organic search, etc.)? Do you spend a long time in our FAQs section? Did you abandon your cart? Are you using mobile, tablet, or desktop? These information are collected without your personal information, and are retained anonymously. This means we do not find out your name, your age, your school, the name of your dog, and even the name of your secret lover. All personal information collected are directly and willingly provided with your use of our services, and are not gathered without your permission. 

How do we use your personal information?

  1. Order and delivery fulfillment. We use the personal information you provide, whether done by signing up for an Account or by placing an order through the site, to make sure that you’re able to get your orders smoothly! Any and all information you provide is strictly used for your ordering convenience, and nothing else.
  2. Communicating with you directly. To make sure order and delivery fulfillment are done smoothly, sometimes we may collect certain information like your receiver’s name and mobile number, landmarks, scooper preferences, and Google Maps pins. This is to make sure your Wheyl riders are able to deliver your goodies to you with the correct information. Otherwise, outside of fulfilling your deliveries, these information will be used for our future reference so we can keep serving you with excellence.
  3. Digital Marketing using your device information. We’ll start this off by saying that all your personal information (name, mobile number, email address, and delivery address) are not used for advertising purposes. When you visit our website and/or place an order from Wheyl’s social media ads, we’re able to track typical user behavior and sales generated by such ads while ensuring buyers remain anonymous. For example, we know X amount of PRIME Dark Cocoa whey isolate was purchased as a result of this advertisement, but we don’t really see that Juan de la Cruz hoarded a lot of Dark Cocoa as a result of this ad.
    • How do we collect these? We use Shopify to power William the Whale’s home, so you can read more about their Privacy Policy here. We also use Google Analytics as well, which you can read more about here.
    • Why do we do this? It’s for us to study what kind of content our community is interested in. Of course, business-wise, we’re also able to tell which content works to generate more interest, and which doesn’t. 
    • Is there an option to opt-out? Absolutely! You can opt-out of targeted advertising by using these links: Facebook, Google, Google Analytics
  4. Your protection. We make sure that any and all details you provide to us are strictly used for the items detailed in numbers 1 and 2, and never 3! We also don’t give out your personal information to our partners or other Third Party services we may use, even those we have good relationships with. We will also not give your personal information, even to those who claim to be your friends or family. Your privacy is yours and yours alone. 
  5. Our protection. We also have to make sure to screen orders on our end to protect us completely from fraudulent transactions! 
  6. Payment disputes (if necessary). And only if necessary. These cases rarely happen, but when they do, we usually do it with your permission. Meaning, we’re only able to submit certain information to help you process your refund or disputes to our accounting team, as well as our Third-Party payment processor (PayPal) with your consent.  

What are your rights and choices? 

You have the right to access, update, change or delete the personal information you provided to us under any applicable law (or any changes, for that matter). 🔒

How do you do this? You may simply do this by updating, changing, or deleting the personal information you wish to delete through the Account you created. You can also ask us to delete your Account, but there’s a chance that Shopify’s system will ask us for your personal information to verify the deletion of your account. Every step of this will be done in coordination with you for full transparency! 

You also don’t get marketing emails (including, but not limited to, promos and new product releases) unless you sign up willingly to be part of our email list. Otherwise, you don’t get any of these without your consent! 🙅🏼‍♀️

You have the right at all times to withdraw any personal information you provide with consent. Just let us know! 

Do you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about our Privacy Policy? 

We’d love to hear from you! Like everything else, there’s always room for improvement. You may always reach out to your community managers on Facebook, Instagram, or email. We promise to ease your worries as soon as possible!  🙏🏼

If you want to exercise your rights indicated above relating to your personal information, please get in touch with your community managers on shop@wheyl.co! ✌🏼