How do we comply with safety regulations?


When starting out your journey with supplementation, you have to be your most skeptical self to guarantee your safety. The world is rampant with dishonest claims, marketing fluff, and blatant lies. Without a doubt, it's money that motivates many brands to tread through this dark path.

But we're a different breed. 

Great quality, true purity, and utmost safety. It's the triumvirate by which we uphold ourselves when creating your world-class Wheyl favorites! 

Driven by our mission to provide honest supplementation, we go the extra mile in terms of food safety, quality control, and hazard analysis

How do we assure the highest possible level of safety for you and your body? 

  1. All of our ingredients are sourced from internationally recognized firms, who provide highly-reliable certificates of analysis. 👓
  2. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility carries FDA Safety Certifications: cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) and HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point). 🏭
  3. Your world-class supplements are scrutinized by the world's leading testing laboratory, who pride themselves as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. 🧪
  4. Our wholesome brand holds an FDA License to Operate, allowing us to freely conduct nutrition-related business operations in the Philippines. 🇵🇭
  5. Your world-class supplements are awarded FDA Certificates of Product Registration, as proof that they passed the rigorous tests of the Food and Drug Administration with flying colors. 📃

If you have the right mindset, then words should not be enough to convince you that your Wheyl goodies truly uphold global safety standards. You need cold hard proof.

We present paperwork that prove our honest intentions, beyond a shadow of a doubt! 🔎

Here's Wheyl's FDA License to Operate

And here are a few of our FDA Certificates of Product Registration:

  1. JUST Salted Chocolate whey protein
  2. JUST Naked White whey protein
  3. JUST Melon Milk whey protein
  4. JUST Clean Caramel whey protein

We purposely chose these four products for a good reason; we wish to bring to light an advisory by the FDA targeting our products last 2017! During that time, our products were still in the registration process. It didn't take too long until the regulatory body lifted the advisory, though! 

We're limiting the public availability of our other certificates! We make them available upon request, though. 👋🏼

Forgive us, but we had to redact some sections to protect the interests of both William the Whale and his team. 🔒

If these aren't enough to secure your belief in our world-class goodies, then allow our community managers to assist you!

Simply reach out via FacebookInstagram, or email. Our team would be happy to ease your worries! ✨