About us!

our story

Back in 2017, we left our jobs to start Wheyl out of our homes in Metro Manila. No sports nutrition brand appealed to our situation – fresh grads with empty pockets who wanted to experience as much flavor as possible – so we built it instead. Along the way, we’ve embraced a fun & friendly identity built on world-class products, a service-oriented culture and a mission to provide good-natured nutrition to your average Juan and Maria. Carried by an amazing community during our entire journey, we’re inspired to serve you an experience that shines a new light on healthy living. Read more about our story.

the fuel of world-class

All-natural whey protein powered with unique flavors. Super-refreshing amino acids fueled with game-changing quality. Revolutionary shaker technology developed alongside the best of the best.

With a strong focus on product development, backed by many regulatory experts, we innovate daily to create great-tasting products without compromise on any angle. 🎨

Sourcing directly from internationally-acclaimed firms and manufacturing in a state-of-the-art facility using modern technologies, every ingredient and process is scrutinized endlessly to secure truly premium quality. 🔒

Inspired by our firm desire to deliver you a world-class experience, we actively work with a standard of excellence like no other! 🐋

the core of excellence

Delivering the experience you deserve means going above and beyond. 🏅

To achieve the true meaning of excellence, the Wheyl team is guided by an unbreakable creed with three aims: 

Foster a strong community with people from all walks of life, connected deeply by a mutual love for fitness, wellness, and nutrition. 👣

Aim for the best service in the world as we genuinely care about giving you an excellent experience every time. 🏆

Build a beautiful visual identity inspired by minimalist design and lively colors, partnered with a fun verbal identity motivated by a people-centric approach and electrifying positivity. 🖌 📣

our team

Wheyl is powered by a super-friendly team of community managers, logistics managers, and brand developers. Living in the heart of Metro Manila, we work from our homes for most of the week – meeting at our headquarters every once in a wheyl to enjoy each other’s company. 🙏🏼

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