Big Wheyl Scooper


Each scoop measures one serving (30 grams) of your JUST whey protein and PRIME whey isolate.

Uses 40% less plastic than the average protein scooper. 👀

Please re-use to reduce plastic waste and save our precious and marine buddies! 🌎



Get a huge discount by creating a bundle! 

Just order more JUST whey proteinPRIME whey isolate, POD pea protein, or FLUX BCAAs of any flavor! The discount should reflect in your shopping cart. 🛒

Mixed-product bundles between JUST whey protein and FLUX BCAAs are allowed, too! 🔥


It's freebie galore! 🎉

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All orders get a water-proof, weather-proof and fade-proof William the Whale sticker every time. 🐋


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