What is WAKE pre-workout?

What is pre-workout?

Pre-workout is just powdered energy drink! It's formulated to give you loads of energy for your workouts, mostly via its main ingredient: caffeine. β˜•

Great pre-workout don't just give you energy, too! They should also support your fitness journey by promoting more focus and endurance without any crashes or discomfort, just like our cool, refreshing WAKE pre-workout. πŸ’₯

What is WAKE pre-workout?

The WAKE line is our cool, refreshing version of workout energy formula. It's one of the first locally-made pre-workouts in the Philippines. πŸ’₯

We kept the blend simple with only the essentials you need to keep you energized throughout your workouts without the beastly fluff. πŸ’ͺ

It’s formulated with a 1:1 ratio of caffeine and L-theanine to soothe any unwanted nerves and jitters – further allowing you to carry on and sustain your workouts better, without the pressure to beast through any sets and reps you have for the day. 🀘

Going beyond just caffeine and L-theanine, your WAKE pre-workout is also powered with beta-alanine to enhance your muscle's ability to endure all kinds of exercise, as well as L-citrulline to improve your heart health by promoting better blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

How much is your WAKE pre-workout?

Our WAKE pre-workout is just PHP1499 for one 45-serving tub! πŸ’₯

We plan to create deals that would make your new favorite energy formula more affordable. Stay tuned! πŸ‘€

What flavors are available?

There areΒ five cool, refreshing flavors for your WAKE pre-workout!Β 

Ocean Razz, Island Iced Tea, Sunkissed Sour Candy, Grape Wave, and Green Apple Surf!πŸ’₯

These flavor names areΒ clickableΒ if you want to learn more about each of them! πŸ“š

And there are more yummy flavors to come! πŸ‘€

Who can enjoy WAKE pre-workout?

WAKE pre-workout can be enjoyed by almost everyone from beginners to advanced athletes! This is because our formula is more tame compared to other brands, yet still functional and energizing. πŸ’₯

Meanwhile, breastfeeding people can still consume WAKE as long as it's within their caffeine intake limits. 🍼

But whey-t! We don’t recommend pre-workout for people who are pregnant, sensitive to caffeine, or below 18 years old due to its caffeine content which is 150mg per scoop/serving. ⚠️

We understand that everyone’s bodies react differently so we highly suggest checking in with your doctor before consuming your WAKE pre-workout. 🩺

When and how do I enjoy my WAKE pre-workout?

Accurate to its name, your WAKE pre-workout is best enjoyed right before your workout! Our suggestion is to consume your yummy serving of pre-workout about 20-30 minutes before you exercise. ⏳

In our experience as WAKE pre-workout's biggest fins, you should mix 1 scoop with 8-10oz of water! Though, that's very subjective. Feel free to gauge the perfect water level for you! Just remember, more water means less sweetness! πŸ§ͺ

If you're a bit more hardcore and want a different experience, you can also try dry-scooping your WAKE pre-workout! But we wouldn't suggest it unless you're a real expert of supplements. πŸ’₯

What is your recommended serving size for beginners?

If it’s your first time trying pre-workout, we recommend starting with half a serving of WAKE pre-workout and you may gradually build up to a full serving in no time. Don’t worry, it will still be functional and energizing! πŸ€—

If you regularly take pre-workout, go ahead and take a full serving of our pre-workout! Since the blend is more tame compared to other brands, you can adjust the serving size according to your preference. πŸ₯³

Just remember that the recommended amount of caffeine consumption per day is only 300mg and one serving of WAKE pre-workout contains 150mg of caffeine. β˜•οΈ

Why do I feel itchy when I drink pre-workout?

It’s common to feel itchy or tingly after taking WAKE pre-workout because it’s a harmless side effect caused by beta-alanine, an ingredient that enhances muscular endurance to help you power through your workouts. πŸ™

But don’t worry! The sensation should subside after 10 minutes or once you begin your workout. ⏱️

I can't sleep because of the pre-workout! Why is that case?

Oh no! We highly suggest lowering down your serving size of WAKE pre-workout especially if you’re exercising or training during the evening or before you go to bed. 😴

Starting off with half a scoop and building your way up to a full serving will help you gauge how your body reacts to the effects of WAKE and to avoid those sleepless nights! πŸ™

Are there plans to create a high-potency or a stronger pre-workout?

Great question here! πŸ‘€

We’re definitely open to this in the future especially if we receive more feedback from you and our community regarding WAKE pre-workout! If it happens to not meet your standards, we’re more than whey-ling to hear you out because we’re committed to improving our products and services. πŸ“

For the meantime, we recommend doubling your serving of WAKE pre-workout if the recommended serving is not enough for you! This way, you’re instantly getting 300mg of caffeine for an extra boost. πŸ’₯

Is your WAKE pre-workout FDA-approved?

Wheyl Nutrition Co. is an FDA-registered company and your WAKE pre-workout is FDA-approved! βœ…

This means we have complied with all of their requirements in terms of food safety, quality control, and HACCP-compliance.

We’re happy to share that the FDA has already assessed the ingredients and formulation used for WAKE pre-workout, in addition to a third-party lab test conducted. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

Your WAKE pre-workout has also been tried and tested by the Wheyl team and Wheyl Fitness Crew since November 2022, with no side effects reported. πŸ’₯

Is WAKE safe for people with a history of hypertension?

Good question! Your WAKE pre-workout is essentially a powdered energy drink. So if you’ve consumed and had a good experience with the beverage before, you can also try out our energy formula for yourself! πŸ’₯

We do recommend starting with a half serving just to ease in yourself with the full dose. πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

While the blend is safe, we still highly recommend consulting with your doctor just to be ultra sure. You may find the supplement facts on each flavor's page so you can refer to that for your consultation! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

I lost my scooper! How can I measure one serving?

That should be fine! We're here to the rescue. β›‘

One serving of your WAKE pre-workout is 7.2 grams!

To be as accurate as possible, it's best you measure this with a food-grade weighing scale. But we understand that not everyone has that in their kitchen, so a good approximation would be 1 heaping teaspoon or 2 leveled teaspoons! πŸ₯„πŸ₯„