What is PRIME whey isolate?

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a naturalhigh-protein dairy product extracted from cow’s milk. It acts as a quick, convenient, and delicious way to introduce more protein to your diet. You can simply think of it as protein-rich milk. 🐮

It's mainly used to supplement your body's daily protein needs – especially if you're an active individual.

It's also very helpful for lean muscle buildingmuscle repair, and muscle recovery. 🧬

What is the PRIME line?

The PRIME Whey Isolate line is our all-natural whey isolate creation. 👑

Using an ultra-filtered whey isolate base and the most premium ingredients, you’re getting a clean and delectable blend with low calories, no fat, and virtually no carbs! You’re enjoying 90% protein content while skipping all artificial ingredients and additives. ✨

How much is your PRIME whey isolate?

Our PRIME whey isolate starts at PHP799 for one bag! You can enjoy more savings as you get more bags. 

Feel free to mix and match your PRIME whey isolate flavors for any bundle you choose! 👑

How many servings is in one pack?

Each one-pound bag contains 15 world-class servings! 🥄

Your free Big Wheyl Scooper can help you measure exactly one serving, which is equivalent to 30 grams of your PRIME whey isolate. ⚖️

What flavors are available?

You have six premium PRIME whey isolate flavors to enjoy! 

Dark Cocoa, Vanilla Seasalt, Simply Bare, Strawnana Pop, Piña Colada and Hazelnut Fudge!

These flavor names are clickable if you want to learn more about each of them! 📚

How do I enjoy my PRIME whey isolate?

You can enjoy your PRIME whey isolate in virtually the same way as you do your JUST whey protein

You can read more about this topic here. ✨

What is the difference between JUST whey protein and PRIME whey isolate?

That's a great question! 

While both are natural dairy products derived from the cheese-making process, these two whey protein bases are processed differently. 

Your JUST whey protein uses a concentrate base, while your PRIME whey isolate uses an isolate base.

A whey isolate base undergoes an ultra-filtration process leaving it with virtually no lactose at all! The fine filtration process also leads to higher protein, less carbs, and no fat – compared to its concentrate counterpart! At the same time, it omits the creamy texture that gives whey concentrate its milky reputation. So you can expect a lighter taste, too! 

Do I have to be mindful of any health or lifestyle concerns when enjoying PRIME whey isolate?

Being a similar product to your JUST whey protein, you can refer to this guide to learn how it can affect your different health and lifestyle concerns! 🏥

The only difference would be PRIME whey isolate has virtually no lactose at all! 🐮

This means that no matter how your tummy reacts to dairy, you won't have to worry about PRIME whey isolate since its lactose content was filtered out during its production process. 🎊

My drink is foamy. Is this normal?

Foaming is a pretty normal occurrence for protein shakes out there – especially ones that require vigorous shaking. Thankfully, you can avoid that by shaking less!

Your PRIME whey isolate's mixability is super awesome, actually. So you'll only need a few swift shakes and you're good to go! 🌪

My drink is clear. Is this also normal?

Yes, it is! A clear drink's expected.

What gives most whey protein shakes a creamy & cloudy look is the lactose from the whey protein base. ☁️

But since your PRIME whey isolate went through an ultra-filtration process to remove virtually all of the lactose and fat, you can fully expect to see a clear glass/shaker of your ultra-clean favorite! 👑

Why do Dark Cocoa, Strawnana Pop, and Hazelnut Fudge have less calories than Vanilla Seasalt, Piña Colada, and Simply Bare?

It's a pretty simple explanation, really. 👓

The flavor extracts we used in your Dark Cocoa, Strawnana Pop, and Hazelnut Fudge took up some space in the blend, which our premium whey isolate base would have normally taken up! Essentially, more extract means less whey isolate in the mix. 

This is also the reason why there's a gram less of protein for your two faves. 🌗 🍭