Placing your order! 🐋

Did you know our five-step ordering system is super simple? We'll guide you through it. 


⚠ Any time you have questions, your community managers are al-wheys just a message a-whey via Facebook, Instagram, or email. We're active from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding holidays)!


Step One!

Browse our products, learn more about them and add your choices to your cart! Check out once you're ready then you're off to the next step. 🎉

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Step Two!

You have two options! You can have us and our logistics team ship your order to your doorstep or you can book your own courier to pick-up your order from our shipping point. 

If you want your order shipped to your address, it's just down to the details! Write down your email, first name, last name, complete delivery address (make sure to include your barangay), contact number then continue to shipping! 📍

If you want to book your own courier, you can skip Step Three and continue to payment


Step Three!

Depending on your province, our system will automatically choose the appropriate shipping method for your delivery! 

For more information, here's a breakdown of every available shipping method. 

🛵 Metro Manila Delivery - It's our quick and convenient 1-2 day (except weekend and holidays) shipping option using our own private fleet of riders and you also have the option to book your own courier! Only available in Metro Manila.

🏍 Rizal Delivery - We'll be using our logistics partner, J&T Express, which will take 1-5 mailing days to deliver!

✈️ Provincial Delivery - Depending on your province, it'll take 1-10 mailing days to deliver this through our logistics partner, J&T Express!

📓 Want to read about our shipping methods more? Click here to learn more. 

When you're ready, continue to payment


Step Four!

Now, it's time to select your preferred payment method! 

  • Secure Payments via PayMongo - credit card, debit card, GCash, GrabPay, Maya, BillEase (Buy Now Pay Later)
  • Cash on Delivery/Cash on Pick-up (not suggested for Book Your Own Courier)
  • Transfer via BPI (online fund transfers and over-the-counter deposits)
  • Transfer via Unionbank (online fund transfers and over-the-counter deposits)

    If you prefer to transfer via BPI or Unionbank, you'll see an extra set of information after checkout that'll help you once you complete your order.

    If you opted to pay via credit card, debit card, GCash, GrabPay, Maya, BillEase (Buy Now Pay Later), and Cash on Delivery/Cash on Pick-up, we'll reach out to you once you check out your order. 

    And if you chose "Book your Own Courier" in Step Two, make sure you input your billing address details! 

    ⚠ Make sure you review your details before completing your order!  

    ⚠ Forgot the exact payment details? Don't sweat it... just message your community managers! 


    Step Five!

    Great job! You're almost done. 👏🏽

    For Credit Card, Debit Card, GCash, GrabPay, Maya, BillEase (Buy Now Pay Later), or Cash on Delivery/Cash on Pick-up orders:

    Expect your delivery update via email. You may also reach out to us via the following if you haven't received any updates:

    💬 Facebook:

    📸 Instagram:

    📧 Email:

    For BPI and Unionbank transfers:

    Send your proof of payment along with your full name and order number via the following:

    💬 Facebook:

    📸 Instagram:

    📧 Email:

    For Book your Own Courier:

    Depending on your payment method, send your proof of payment or your order confirmation along with your full name and order number to us via the following:

    💬 Facebook:

    📸 Instagram:

    📧 Email:

    Once you've coordinated with a community manager, we'll send over the complete details of our pick-up point!  📍

    Once you're done with this step, all you gotta do is sit back, relax, and whey-t for your order! 💤

    🚨 Our cut-off time for orders shipped by us is 12NN! For deliveries booked by you, it's 3PM! All orders paid or confirmed after noon are processed on the next working day. 🚨


    Tracking your order!

    Done placing an order and you'd like to learn how to track it? You've come to the right place. 📍

    If you chose Metro Manila Delivery:

    ⏱ Once your order has been paid or confirmed, one of your community managers will reach out directly to coordinate with you about your delivery schedule! 

    🐋  Contact your community manager on Facebook, Instagram, or email if you want to follow up your delivery. 

    If you're eligible for Rizal Delivery:

    🐾 You'll be getting a tracking number from your community managers once your order is confirmed! You can use it to follow your order's delivery progress.

    ✈️ Feel free to use your tracking number on their software (click here) to see how your delivery's going!

    🐋  Message your community manager on Facebook, Instagram, or email if you need any help with your delivery! 

    If you chose Provincial Delivery:

    🐾 Once your order has been paid or confirmed, you'll be getting your tracking number from the community management team! This can be used to follow the progress of your delivery. 

    ✈️ Use your tracking number on our logistics partner's tracking software (click here) to see how the delivery's going!

    🐋 Reach out to a community manager via Facebook, Instagram, or email if you need any more support! 

    If you chose Book Your Own Courier:

    🐾 Once your order has been paid or confirmed, a community manager will share the complete details regarding our pick-up point.

    ✈️ You can use the tracking software included in the preferred delivery app you used, whether that's GrabExpress, LalaMove, Angkas, Joyride or Move It

    🐋 Continue reaching out to a community manager via Facebook, Instagram, or email if you need any more support! 

    Whenever you need any help following up or tracking your order, please know your super-friendly community managers are just a message a-whey! Experience our golden service for yourself. 🏆